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Burbank Christian Churches.

A church is a place where people meet to worship God it is rather defined as a temple of God for Christians who are believers in the word of God. Christians believe that through the word of God they get to know what God wants thus they practice on ways to please God. Through the word of God Christians are taught to believe in Christ Jesus as their personal savior.

The word of God was introduced by the roman people the roman discovered about the Christian faith thus started spreading the word of Jesus Christ making people understand who is God and who is Jesus Christ. And through the holy spirit the people of God believed it was right to spread the word by reaching out to people via various ways and some of this ways were through preaching in the streets attracting more crowds and teaching them about the Christian faith.

The bible teaches on how to be faithful and about repentance among other teachings and through the bible. The verses in the bible are guidance to Christian faith and that Christians do practice their faith by reading and understanding the Bible.

Long ago people believed more in traditions than Christianity and that’s why Christians had to come up with ways of preaching the true word of God making other people understand the difference between traditions and Christianity. Ancient people had their faith redirected to their traditions and unknowingly they thought it was the right path and that’s why Christians have come up with new tactics through the bible they teach non-believers allowing them to understand the truth about God. Today Christians have gone way too far in reaching out to people via the internet as the world is really changing and everything is digital, that’s why it is effective to reach out to people via the internet and still be able to pull the lost ones to believe in the word of God.

Christians have come up with new ways of using the temple of God to help the needy and provide them with shelter as they believe this is part of their faith. By giving to the needy Christians believe it is part of their faith and that should be practiced according to the bible. Christians believe it is also important for someone to participate in the church ministry as this is one way of showing their commitment to God and the ministry.

Christians also practice in forgiving each other and also praying for one another as Christ did. Christians also believe in forgiving one another as this is the way to salvation. Christians also believe that for anyone to see the kingdom of God they must repent and serve the true God and must also accept Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior.

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