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How to Grow Your Instagram Following Without Buying Followers

There is not a tinge of doubt that Instagram is one of the most powerful forces in the social media industry, what with at least 200 million followers, and 1.6 billion likes and 60 million messages exchanged every single day. Still, it doesnt mean you should buy fake followers who do nothing but give you numbers. Its all about authenticity, people interacting with you and your other followers. Besides, its only a matter of time before the networks next crackdown, so youll want to be as safe as possible.

In other words, yes, you can increase your Instagram following without being a fake, and you can start with these tips below:

1.Get your dedicated hashtag out there.

You cant just wait for people to find your dedicated hashtag. You have to bring it to them. Announce it in all possible places – your Instagram, flyers, even on your receipts and your shop signage, and the rest. If you can, get it mentioned on radio or TV. Make sure its on your website too, in your other social media profiles, and in your marketing emails.

2. Create unique but relatable hashtags.

In terms of Instagram captions, dont get stuck with single-word, obvious hashtags. You can be funny, ironic, odd, but never be boring.

3. Participate in viral conversations.

With every post you make, use both basic hashtags like #paintinglessons for an arts and crafts shop, for example, and trending hashtags every chance you get. Those very specific hashtags work pretty much the same way as long-tail keywords in that you can say exactly as you wish and be able to reach the people youre mainly targeting for your campaign. This while universally trending hashtags, such as #yeyitsfriday, #ootdoftheday or even simply #love, put you in front of a bigger crowd in general. Both are important.

4. Make a good bio.

Your bio is what mainly holds your Instagram page together. But theres no need to make it age or link it to your website forever. Play with it at least once weekly (but keep the actual message), and link it to your freshest or hottest content.

5. Create highly descriptive captions.

Sometimes, a picture is enough to relay a message, but not necessarily when you talk about Instagram. For more engagement, breathe life to your photos by including a story. People may adore your photos, but sometimes, you need to talk to them first before they respond.

6. Create a visual signature all your own.

All of us have an innate desire to fit in, but on Instagram, that wont suffice – you need to be noticed! Make your own unique style for all your visual content so that your pictures are automatically recognizable whenever people see them in their newsfeed. Its how you make a mark on Instagram, not buying followers.

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