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Before Deciding To Remove A Tree, Consider Tree Cabling First

Trees can be very beneficial as it provides us with a lot of advantage such a shade but there are also trees that develop the tendency of becoming a danger to the people in a community and to their property as well. There are many reasons why people cut trees in urban places but among the valid ones is the fact that it may cause danger to people in the long run. To refrain from such danger, many people chose to have the trees removed and cut down by professional tree services company which are usually composed of arborists that properly executes the cutting down of trees.

These dangers are also acknowledged in the law and as a matter of fact, it is not illegal to cut down a tree that imposes future danger to the people around a community and to their property. There are places which are prone to harsh weather conditions and hurricanes that are even recommended to cut down dangerous trees that may cause them more serious trouble in the future. The reason for this is that trees can have the tendency to overgrow its branches and it may even grow multiple trunks. But in cases like these, should we really remove the entire tree for the fear of future danger it may cause to our life and property?

In this article, we will provide you with a more environment friendly alternative than chopping down the trees that impose future hazard to the community.

There are many towns and cites these days that refuse to cut down healthy and young trees even though there is a future danger foreseen. One of the most effective remedies for tree removal is tree cabling and tree bracing. It is one of the top remedies in preventing the trees from causing damage to life and property because you wouldn’t have to cut the entire tree.

However, tree cabling is not applicable for older and weaker trees which are best to be cut down because it is only recommended for healthy ones. There are certain species of trees that can benefit a lot by tree cabling and these include oak trees such as Live Oak, Shumard Red, Texas Red and other trees such as Pecan as well a Cedar Elm. There are also other trees that can benefit a lot from these procedures including the Arizona Ash and Hackberry which has a tendency to split trunks and develop thinker branches.

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