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A Guide To Aircraft Valuation

Determining the price of an aircraft can be a daunting task especially because it involves a lot to evaluate in order to get the right sale price. When carrying out aircraft Valuation, there are so many things to Consider, check our some of the critical ones that you have to evaluate.

The age and the hours it has flown are some of the major things that you can actually look into. While an aircraft flies in the sky, each hour there is a loss of a certain amount of its value. As that goes on, you realized that the plane loses its value and becomes smaller because it is ageing. Looking at the total number of hours flown over the fleets average you can easily measure this component. The total air frame hours have a greater impact on the plane’s value. To deduce an aircraft’s raft sale value then consider aircraft hours and the age.

Consider the installed things. We have to do any things to look at when it comes to this, for example, the technology inside the aircraft, thus has a noticeable impact in the value, the gear and the other systems are generally things to look at. It is really good to check out these things because not all aircraft will have the same, so depending on the findings you can know how well to price it. Also, the engine hours are some other thing to evaluate. You only check how many hours can it fly before landing, if for longer hours then the price would be high, but when it keeps on flying to destination to destination at lesser hours then the value would actually be low.

Very recommended that you look into the records and the airworthiness directives to guide your decision. Normally, the records are very helpful especially when it comes to airworthiness directives and the maintenance needs. We have so many things that the records have, for instance, the purchaser needs to see the airworthiness certificate, the balance data, the weight so as to know what to do. Make sure that the seller has all these records to guide your decision, if one does not have them, then the value should just go down already.

The inside of the aircraft has an impact on its value. Where the interiors are well fitted and designed, the value would be a bit high. Simply judging the interior, you can tell if it enhances the value or not. Another factor is checking the paint, be careful of the hidden things behind the paint though.

Damage history would also make it to the list of factors to evaluate. Consider the type of accident, degrees to which the aircraft was affected. Based on the damage history be sure to come up with the right price at the end. These are some of the factors that you can look at when valuing a plane.

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